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From the Editors: Perpetual Ennui Edition

by Elizabeth Wetton

29 April 2016

Since it’s been more than a month since we’ve released anything, I’d like to take a moment to discuss what has been happening and what plans are in the works. The month of April has been stressful for both duckie and myself. We’ve both been struggling with poverty and financial issues. Because of that, neither of us had time to prepare a large topic to discuss. That said, things are looking slightly better for the near future at least so we may be able to start producing content again.

I really want to start focusing on the resources section. This has been something we’ve promised from the outset and haven’t delivered on. For the next quarter my focus may shift from writing articles to collating and curating helpful links as well as creating resources pages.

That said, I do want to start soliciting more discussion topics from the community. If you have any leads, pitches, or resources you wish to see on the website, you can send them to my email elizabeth@inatri.com or send me a DM on twitter @FluffyPira.

Lastly, in terms of our finances, Inatri is nowhere near sustainable yet. You can donate to Inatri via PayPal or to our Patreon. I have my own PayPal and my own Patreon if you wish to make a personal donation. As always, if you like what you’ve read here please retweet, reblog, or link to us. Thank you so much for your continued support