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From the Editors: Broadening Our Scope

by Elizabeth Wetton

30 July 2015

I’ve wanted to make a post like this for a while. I’ve always enjoyed old editorial style so I want to start a “Letters from the Editor” style blog. Whether it be written monthly, weekly, or sporadically, I want an area for the staff to discuss the “inside baseball” of Inatri. I want a place to discuss our direction, new hires, and various topics related to our project.

As was discussed in our first posts the purpose of Inatri is to document and discuss issues surrounding the complex interaction between groups and individuals. While we plan to continue writing about those topics, we’ve begun to notice a trend in our writing. Having a publication created by, staffed by, and featuring writing from mostly trans writers, means that a lot of our previous discussion intersected with the trans experience in a substantial way. Because of this we want to create a section of Inatri to discuss trans topics.

This means that our topics will expand out of our focus on group interaction into more esoteric topics. Creating discussions will continue to be our central motive, and we will try not to shy away from unpopular opinions and abstract notions. For instance, I personally wish to discuss representation, portrayal, and, identity formation. The first two will be similar to what Inatri has discussed before, however, the third topic is something more personal and will discuss my own identity more personally.

This section would also allow for some creativity in writing and I’m hoping that it would engage the community at large and attract more freelance pitches to Inatri. I’d love to publish more discussions on the source of our identities. I’d love to hire individuals to write about plurality, to talk about otherkin experiences, to discuss medical topics. Basically I’d love to read and publish writing related to sub-communities related to the trans community; I want this section to be a soapbox for the disaffected.

I know my ambitions are a bit lofty, but hopefully the staff at Inatri can make this new section a success and garner a lot of discussion and response from the community. As for these “Letter from the Editor” style posts, I hope to continue writing these . They offer a platform to better explain the staff’s goals and plans for Inatri as well as introduce new hires and upcoming pieces. They may be a little dense, and a little boring, but it’s just another way Inatri wants to bring the community into the discussion.